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Luxury in Detail

Toiletries & slippers

Guests at our hotel can enjoy the luxurious touch of Coco Mat toiletries and slippers during their stay. Our commitment to providing the highest quality amenities means that guests can expect a refreshing and invigorating experience from start to finish. Our Coco Mat toiletries are made from all-natural and sustainable materials, ensuring that they are gentle on the skin and the earth. And our plush slippers provide the perfect balance of comfort and style, making guests feel at home no matter where they are. Treat yourself to the ultimate hotel experience with our Coco Mat amenities.

Relax with Cocomat

Indulge yourself with our Coco mat products which offer ultimate relaxation. Our comfy and eco-friendly mats are made from fully-natural coconut fibers, ensuring a comfortable and sustainable experience. In our rooms you can find two Coco mat pillow types that are at your disposal to purchase at our reception’s boutique shop among other products.

Coco mat’s commitment to wellness and sustainability is reflected to their eco-friendly and sustainable materials which give you the peace of mind you deserve.